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What I really think about vegans: Days 1 and 2, and some of 3.

Today marks day number three of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart (thank you pcrm.org and gigsanchez.wordpress.com), and Taylor and I are getting along with the vegan lifestyle famously. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against eating animals or their by-products, necessarily, though it has always been somewhat of a gray area for me, even though I am hopelessly devoted to a number of dairy products.

Supposedly the idea of this vegan thing is to kickstart our health. A plant-based diet is supposed to lower our blood pressure and cholesterol, help us to lose weight, plus, for me it is a much more guilt-free lifestyle. I don’t feel that ridiculous guilt I felt while watching the movie “Fast Food Nation” (what a downer) and I can pig out and not feel too bad about it. Plus there is so much less fat involved, and empty calorie-consumption (of which I do plenty.)

Of course, the first thing I consumed on day one (aside from a couple pinches of granola) was a caramel macchiato (you know the routine–iced triple grande one-pump vanilla SOY caramel macchiato–no I don’t do the corporate coffee thing, but my girlfriend works there, which means it’s free, so why not?) I almost forgot to throw the soy in there, and realized how much more I love having milk in my coffee, just cuts it better, but the soy was also fairly enjoyable, though it made the drink a little sweet for my taste.

In other news, I have made a yummy veggie stir-fry thing (a couple of times), some homemade bread with homemade vegan jelly (thank you, Taylor), oatmeal, bean/veggie/tofu/potato burritos, salted popcorn, etc., and haven’t really felt that I was lacking any of my usual suspects (ie: eggs, sour cream, and any form of cheeeeeese, my one true love!) I also have not much missed meat, I usually don’t eat much of it anyway, as it isn’t super appealing and is quite expensive.

My verdict so far: this vegan thing ain’t so bad. That said, tonight I am going to a work party with Taylor, where I will be no doubt tempted by many delicious Asian dishes. Damn.


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What I really think about tax returns.

Ahhh, feels so good to file your taxes. Though I probably should have gotten around to doing it about a month ago, I still feel pretty good about getting my tax return filed six weeks before Tax Day (my 14th favorite holiday).

Since filing them yesterday afternoon, I have been obsessively fantasizing about all of the things I can do with my $412. Of course, once I write them down they probably won’t seem so exciting, but fuck it! I’m still thrilled to be getting money that I almost didn’t notice I had lost. Of course, there is the inevitability that someday in the future I will actually owe the government money, rather than the other way around, but I’m going to choose not to think about that. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Anyway, my Tax Day List (not unlike a Christmas list!):

1. Save: I am going to try my darnedest to set aside some money as a base to save for moving in the somewhat near future. I am also going to attempt to save at least $50 for my second favorite holiday (next to Taylor’s birthday, of course) 4/20/2010!!

2. Go grocery shopping: Thrilling, I know, but I owe Taylor a fatty round of groceries for the both of us, cause she got this last one while I was waiting for my first paycheck. Plus, by the time I get my return I will be almost done with my vegan thing, and can splurge on some delicious things (brie, ice cream), unless of course the next three weeks are truly life altering.

3. Pay bills: We needn’t go into too much detail here, this is pretty dull and depressing and definitely self-explanatory.

4. Pay a debt: I have a couple of debts collected around town. : D Mostly, a movie rental chain (which will remain unnamed) totally fucked me over for the price of three DVDs at $150. How this makes sense, I do not know, but it consequently overdrew my bank account, etc. So I have decided to pay this bullshit off, and get it out of my hair.

5. Buy measuring cups!: I know, I know, you’re starting to wonder if I could be anymore boring or like your mother. Let me tell you, you’re probably right. But almost all of our measuring cups except one have been lost/broken/melted/chewed by the dogs. And if you were trying to make bread (three cups of water and six-and-a-half cups of flour) and all you had was a 1/3 cup measuring device, you’d be going crazy too. And fucking up your recipes cause you can’t keep count.

6. Buy a gift for Taylor: Ya know, something pretty. Or practical, by the looks of this list. But either way, something I will not disclose here, cause she’ll see it, and it’ll wreck the surprise (even though she claims to hate surprises anyway.)

7. Order some beer: Yup. But only because I want a damn six pack of Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat (featured in my Christmas list post), and the only place in Portland I’ve been able to find it is Henry’s. And though I love their selection of beer (as it is vast!), it is usually too crowded and loud and overwhelming for my introverted taste, plus two pints of the beer I want would probably the same price (or more) than I could pay to have it shipped to my doorstep, where I could enjoy it slowly, in the company of good friends.

8. Have a fun night out/date night: Like a movie or laser light show and maybe fancy dinner and dessert. Maybe a trip up to Rocky Butte to see the lights at night, a long drive out somewhere, a picnic. Something great.

And that is all I can think of for now, though I’m pretty sure that I just spent more money in my head than the return will be total, so maybe the saving bit will end up going out the window. : D

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What I really think about this morning.

Fuck fuck fuck!

Just want to lie here all day, and play around on the computer, and listen to Taylor breathing (oh she looks so cute this morning!).

Do not want to get up and clean, but it is almost afternoon and the clock is starting to nag, and so is my rumbling tummy. I guess I’ll make some oatmeal and do some dishes, give the cat her morning inhaler, and try to motivate myself to shove my clothes (which have been flung about everywhere) into a bag or two, or three.

Ugh, housesitting. So lovely until you have to give the house back.


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What I really think about date night.

I think date night should die!

And then be resurrected as date day! A day-long event of love and exploit!

Today my lovely lady and I woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon. (Whoops–another long night of “Heroes” and herbs, and don’t laugh, you would obsessively watch it too. Every episode ends with “To be continued…” so how can you not? But I’ll get into that later). And then we did the morning routine–Farmville, breakfast, showers, tooth brushing, Farmville, et cetera–and then headed off for our day of dates and adventure.

We started the day at 4:30, catching a matinee at the $3 movie theater about 15 minutes from our house. They get movies a little later than all of the other theaters, but it’s totally worth it to get to see a flick for three bones, any time of the day. However, the popcorn is still $7.50. Anyway, we saw the “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day.” Though it relied heavily on themes and events in the former movie, and all around wasn’t as great as the first (which is expected in pretty much any sequel) it was still thoroughly enjoyable, and definitely kept me guessing (something I’m obviously attracted to).

After the movie we were starving so we went down the road to our favorite mediocre-but-delicious-and-cheap sushi bar (the kind with the little plates and rotating conveyor belt)! Delicious and oh-so satisfying.

After sushi, we promptly headed back into Portland, and with a few minutes between stops, decided to go a couple miles out of the way to Taylor’s work (everyone’s least favorite coffee corporation!) to get some discount caffeine. After chatting for a few minutes we were  back on track to our next destination:


And let me tell you, though I have always been a fan of Michael Jackson–not the biggest fan, but a fan–this just blew me away! I’m sure the Sobes and intense light patterns helped, but that man was a genius! I was in stitches, grinning, and tapping my feet almost the entire time, except during the few ballads, and Man in the Mirror.

Great. Shit.

Laser M.J. complete, we headed back onto I-84 and to Belmont to Wunderland! to play games at the nickel arcade! After mass Skee-Ball and Ocean Hunter, we traded our earnings in for a few meager prizes: matching key chains (it’s tradition!), Party Poppers, a whoopee cushion, a few Army men figurines, a parachute guy for Casey, an paper fan, and so on.

After we were all gamed out (I mean, after we had spent all of the cash we had, literally every dollar, quarter, dime, and nickel) we headed home, and stopped at the grocer on the way for some refreshments–fruit sorbet and chocolate peanut butter ice cream, yum!

We took our lot and day of adventures, and headed our (totally not weary because we slept until almost two in the afternoon) weary bodies home, to end this lovely day as we had ended the last–bowls and Netflix instant play in our cozy bed.

Ahhh, love… : ]


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