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What I really think about New Year’s Eve.

11:13 PM Farmville;

11:37 PM Making an ass of myself during dice;

11:46 PM Trying not cry;

12:00 AM Kissing my girlfriend, a lot;

12:04 AM Smoking my first cigarette of the new year;

12:06 AM Taking a piss against the shed: first of the new year;

12:16 AM Shooing people;

12:20 AM Meaningfully hugging my best friend of 16 years with wet eyes;

12:35 AM Some guy from down the street is crashing our party that has almost ended. Bryce? Thought it was Josh from Shoes;

12:55 AM Water, blogging this, ready for bowl and bed;

9:46 AM Editing my horrendous draft from last night.

I really did have a good time, though.

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