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What I really think about Ja Rule.

Whatever happened to that guy?

Have you seen this man?

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What I really think about this cold.

So far, it hasn’t totally taken me over (yes, I just knocked on wood.) And yet still, the sensitive lungs, sniveling, nose-blowing, explosive sneezing, and sore throat are no real delight. I am exhausted from fighting off this cold bullshit and all the while attempting to altogether ignore Christmas… so tired I can’t even get up and go to bed.

I largely blame college for my pumped-up immune system. While living in a dorm I think I got and passed around more illnesses than ever before–and I don’t mean that in a slutty way at all. But I do think it super-boosted (yeah, I made that up) my immune system. How nice, you might think, to so rarely get sick. No! It has made me soft!

I’m just a big common cold pussy.

I guess it’s a hazard of the trade–what I get for passin’ the peace pipe with sickos.

(Don’t worry Alisha, you were so worth it.)


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