What I really think about vegans: Days 4 through 9.

That’s right all, I’m am currently writing this at four minutes into my tenth day of the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart. That is halfway, and let me tell you: it still isn’t that hard.

In fact, the only difficult thing is breaking habit. It’s amazing how much shit I just put in my mouth, without even thinking about it! Small mints and candies and snacks are the most difficult, I just pop them in my mouth without even the slightest hesitation. Without fail, about 15 to 45 seconds later I realize that I have no idea what I am chew/sucking on, and I spit whatever I’ve just put in my pie-hole out, and read the ingredients list. And there’s always something: butter, gelatin, honey, whatever.

While things like cheese and sushi and sour cream are still on my mind, I find that I can easily and happily fill myself up on other delicious (plant-based) foods, and not really even miss them. Most of the time, the products that I’ve cut out of my diet are things that are unnecessary additions to already delicious dishes, or easily replaced.

For instance, we make bean/mixed veggies and greens/tofu burritos in whole wheat wraps with lots of garlic and salsa, and the additions of meat, cheese, and sour cream are just a fleeting thought in my head that skips out just before I sink my teeth into the burrito. Or just now: Taylor made whole wheat pasta with white sauce. I know it seems impossible, but she used Sour Supreme (a sour cream replacement) thinned out with water or soy milk, and cooked it up with garlic, salt, and pepper, and mixed vegetables, put it on top of her noodles and voila! it’s almost exactly like alfredo sauce! Stroke of genius, Tay!

Anyway, the munchies are starting to kick in, I’m on the hunt for some soy mocha almond fugde.


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6 responses to “What I really think about vegans: Days 4 through 9.

  1. conradvisionquest

    i love Sour Supreme! that’s a great idea for an alfredo sauce. i am definitely trying that… Tofutti also makes a great mock cream cheese if you’re into that.

  2. lianamerlo

    The knockoff alfredo sauce was in fact genious! There’s this place called Busboys and Poets in DC that I think you would love, really cool vibe there, and they have something on the menu called VEGAN PIZZA (in additional to vegan pepperoni, vegan eggplant parm, vegan egg wrap, vegan quesadillas– all great for your hungry moments). Can you tell I go there quite often? Calling it perfection is an understatement.
    Anyway, it’s very rare that I get motivated to cook a nice, healthy meal. So I applaud you. When I’m making the big bucks, I might ask you and Taylor if you’ll be chefs at my mansion.

    • Ahhh yessss! We would do it in a heartbeat! I’ll tell you, we are awesome at cooking healthy food, but we are also awesome at the most deliciously bad for you food. My specialty is any starch covered in melted cheese. Oohhh yummmm.

  3. maybe this is not the best place to request for this but could I have a few recipes for ‘most deliciously bad for you foods’ please. I’m skinny but healthy so I’d like to try something indulgent from time to time…thanks in advance B.Therapy

  4. midipour

    I severely frown upon meat myself, but seafood (in general) has been my exception for years. Fish was meant to be eaten, and has been scientifically proven to have many necessary vitamins and minerals for a longer life span.

    I guess that makes a fishettarian!

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