What I really think about the munchies.

It’s time to get back on track, and this blog has been a long time coming. And a long time in the making.

Countless hours of trying to fend off the munchies, countless methods of attempting to satisfy them once and for all, too many dollars to count spent on powdered, raspberry-filled doughnuts, cheesy/oniony/sour creamy potato chips, candy bars, lemon-lime sodas, hot dogs, and various other impulse purchases.

In my opinion, there are few pitfalls to the stoner lifestyle, and they are entirely conquerable–if you feel you are awkward around people, smoke more and get used to it, and get out of your head. If you think you’re being lazy, get up and do something.

There are only two serious downsides that I have yet to overcome, the first: total exhaustion.

What the hell is it about smoking that makes you feel like you’ve been awake for four days, alternately crying, and sprinting with 50 pound ankle weights on? I can barely stay awake when standing upright or engaged in stimulate conversation, don’t even get me started on the difficulties I encounter when someone puts a movie on the television or dims the lights.

But even worse than the sleepies are the munchies… No matter how hard I try to suppress them, or prepare for them, or satisfy them, I never really have, without ending up feeling hungry, or nauseated.

There is the never-ending search for the perfect munchy food, something sweet and something salty… Or something sweet and salty, like caramel covered Bugles. Once upon a late night I saw these at the convenience store down the road, and I thought I had discovered the answer to my problems. But, alas! they were a sticky mess, and the caramel made the Bugles soggy, and they are nowhere near guilt-free.

But perhaps this ode to the munchies, or rant about them, comes at just the right time. Tomorrow, Taylor and I are doing the 21-Day Vegan Kickoff. I think it might actually be a vegetarian thing, but I guess we’re just upping the stakes. And for the most part, we keep away from meat, so going vegetarian would be too easy, in my opinion. I’m hoping that trying out the vegan thing will not only help the good eating habits I’ve already developed, but also make me healthier and more aware of the stuff I’m putting in my mouth. I will have to study many more ingredient lists, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all.

We start tomorrow! Which means that I need to go grocery shopping real, real bad. We’ve got lots of support–we’ve told all of our friends and roommates, and several of my family members have offered up recipes and cookbooks. Whoooo!

Let’s hope this goes well, and since smoking is a totally vegan thing, let’s hope I find some easy, quick, amazing, veggie dish to whip up and satisfy my munchies! Otherwise I’m gonna be pretty hungry for a while.


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4 responses to “What I really think about the munchies.

  1. Hey BlockTherapy, I know what it feels like to desire the perfect munchie-quencher but I’ve found that when I do find something (like crunchy-oat cereal and a tub of youghurt :P) I eventually get tired and then I move on to something else.

    My best friend struggled to quit smoking and he he used to smoke up to 10 cigarettes a day. He tried all sorts; nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc but they didnt work. He decided to cut down and wean himself of it. This requires discipline. He’s currently down to 3 cigs a day and he always keeps himself occupied so there’s a lesser chance of temptation.

    I hope the Vegan thing works out. It’s sounds tough but with discipline I believe you can achieve it. Go Blocktherapy 😀 !!!

    • Ooohhh yes, granola and yogurt is a delicious snack but I would definitely tire of that.
      And I quit smoking cigarettes a couple of months ago, for the most part, though I had one (to accompany too many beers) last weekend. Whoops! And I’d been so good!
      So far, so good on the vegan front, but it’s only been 10.25 hours! : D

  2. lianamerlo

    You have got to try the Trader Joe’s sea salt brownies. Bite sized and glorious. The perfect sweet and salty combination.
    Good luck on the vegan extravaganza/punishment. I tried that, lasted about a day when I remembered most pasta is made with eggs. And I eat pasta just about every other day. And you can’t have pasta without cheese, another vegan no-no.
    Vegetarianism is definitely more approachable. I applaud you for taking it to the next level.

    • Those sound delicious!! I will try them likely the second this is over, haha.
      I am also a pasta/cheese/cream cheese, etc. junkie–but I love all foods, and am bearing in mind that this will only last another 17 days. I have already broken down and bought soy ice cream (not bad, I was happily surprised.) Vegetarianism would be easier, but since I practically do that without even thinking about it, I thought I’d challenge myself a little. : D

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