What I really think about armpit hair.

Ahhh, the long-debated and never resolved, to shave or not to shave?

As the occupant of a rather liberal city, who occupies rather liberal circles, I can safely say I have encountered my fair share of armpit hair, in both men and women. And while I was never especially a fan of it on men, I (oddly) happen to think women who are liberated enough to grow out their pit hair and raise their arms high above their heads while wearing a tank top are sexy as hell.

And yet, I don’t care for it on men–I would almost go so far as to say that it sort of grosses me out. And this double standard makes me feel like a hypocrite, or some sort of sexist, backwards feminist, or some sort of represser of males. Of course, I would never expect them to shave their armpits constantly for my sake, nor do I find it enough of a turn off to actually have an influence on anything… So why do women feel so compelled to shave? Does anyone really care that much about some hair in an armpit or two?

Let me say (as not only a liberated woman, but a lazy one) it has been a long while since I have taken a razor to my underarms, and I am damn proud of that. My two little patches of hair resemble those of a pubescent boys’, but I think they are fun, and for as long as I keep them, I think they are a bold and confident statement of feminism! Har har. Up to this point, however, I have felt obligated to remove any sign of hair from my underarms, as though it were never there at all. In fact, at this time last year I had equally under-groomed underarms, and began to feel uncomfortable at work while reaching up for items on display higher up. As soon as I started to reach for them I would break into a cold sweat, worried that I would lose my sale or make customer run away, screaming at the sight of my overgrown underarms.

And for what reason? Why does hairlessness = beauty?

Well I’ve had enough! Popular culture and opinion can put that in it’s pipe and smoke it!

But you’re probably right, I’m just trying to justify my own laziness and cut down on my overall shower time. Now there’s an idea–conserve water, quit shaving!


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9 responses to “What I really think about armpit hair.

  1. lianamerlo

    Maybe you should move to France…. I like the idea of not shaving just to piss off the boyfriend, but I can’t do it. I hate that prickly feeling. And I don’t like how deodorant sticks to the hair. I guess if you plan to not shave, you have to be patient and really grow it out and go complete hippie by not using deodorant either.

    By the way, one of your “possibly related posts” to this one is about a guy who pulled out his toe hair.

    • Oh yes, once you get past a certain point it is no longer prickly, ha ha. : D
      And deodorant goes on surprisingly easily, though it is true I use it sparingly (but only because I don’t need it). I think it’s harder for men, who have such a massive amount of hair in that area, but I think most women just get a cute little patch. : ]

    • P.S. Sorry about the toe man, who knew?! Yikes…

  2. My thoughts on hairlessness=beauty. I don’t think in the grand scheme of nature that hairless=beauty, I think hairless=youth. Since it’s inherent in our genetic makeup to subconciously wish to procreate with youthful members of our species, we are attracted to humans who appear youthful, full of vitality, spry enough to carry on our genetics. On a concious level, I only shave when I remember, when I get around to it, because I’m lazy, and am a master at the 3-minute shower. And I don’t much care about the hair on my spouse, until he hugs me and his chest hair goes up my nose. But, maybe that’s because I’m done procreating.

    • That is very interesting, I think you have a good point. I have also heard that body hair was thought of as unsanitary/unfeminine, and I know a lot of people used to shave in order to wear hats/hairpieces, or to keep their skin looking pale (before tan = beauty : ]).
      I wouldn’t be a fan of chest hair in my nose either, but maybe I don’t have any room to talk since my other doesn’t naturally come with as much hair as the average man (not even close!).

  3. I’ve dated a greek girl in the past. She was hairy but not ‘gorilla-hairy’. I didn’t mind much I guess because the hair was not curly. Mine on the other hand is extremely curly. Hairy arms and legs but not thick hair (you can’t see it from 3feet…but its there!). I shave my armpits once every other 5months but its not particularly bushy. But the best part is my chest – the hair there is shaped like the batman symbol…seriously 🙂 So I’m not shaving that…ever!

    • Hahahaha I can’t blame you, I probably wouldn’t shave the Batman symbol off my chest if it were there–especially a naturally-occurring Batman symbol!
      And every other five months, eh? What an odd schedule. So you’re saying you shave religiously, once every ten months?

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