What I really think about chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

Dear Tillamook,

While I love your cheese (and squeaky cheese!) and other assorted dairy products, your chocolate peanut butter ice cream is hands-down the best I have ever eaten (which is really something, considering I am an avid choco-peanut butter fan).

The chocolate ice cream is so rich and creamy… The ribbons of peanut butter swirling throughout are so thick and salty, and so abundant, and without chunks of peanut–so smooth… The two compliment one another so perfectly, and it all dissolves in my mouth to make the best flavor combination known to man!

Keep up the good work, guys.

Yours, affectionately,



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10 responses to “What I really think about chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

  1. lianamerlo

    I’m on the same page. While all the other kids brought in boring old Lunchables or pb&js, I brought in peanut butter and nutella sandwiches.
    If I could bring in a giant size Reeses peanut butter cups between two slices of bread to work lunch presentations, I would.

  2. Okay, this is going to be a toughie if you are still with me for the vegan kickoff… or will it? Nah… guess what? Vegans loved chocolate peanut butter ice-cream before you did and they came up with their own brand. It rocks. Try “Soy Decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter.” It’s going to cost a little more but it’s packed really tight so it’s got a lot of real ingredients. It’s thick and rich and delicious. Try it once and tell me what you think.

    See you March 1st 🙂

  3. Okay, I’ll have a macaroni and “cheese” recipe and a “cheesy” quiche recipe (no milk). Or, if you want to stick with the cheese, you can do that and still be vegetarian. Vegans give up cheese but vegetarians don’t, so you can still be a vegetarian and eat cheese.

    • Naturally, yes, and I have some good habits in the vegan way already, but some bad habits elsewhere. : ) I would do just vegetarian, but I rarely eat meat anyway so that wouldn’t be interesting at all. Trying out the vegan thing, however, sounds interesting. And something I normally wouldn’t consider, but when you take out the commitment factor… I might as well give it a shot. : ) Plus it comes at a convenient time for me, so I really have no excuse!

  4. okay… good for you! Can you tell me, though, when you say you rarely eat meat, does that mean you rarely eat chicken and fish and pork or are you only referring to beef? (Meat is any flesh). Also, what are your good and bad habits? I might be able to help plan a little better if I know them. (If you’re talking about food, that is!) 🙂

    • I very rarely eat beef or pork, if at all, and if I’m cooking I pretty much never eat meat at all. Occasionally I go out for sushi, and sometimes when having dinner with my family or dining out, etc., I will eat meat that they cook, but that happens pretty infrequently. I am used to soy milk (and almond milk) and tofu, and can make both from scratch. I can pretty easily go without meat, ice cream, milk/cream, honey, butter, milk chocolate, gelatin, yogurt, stocks/fats/lards, etc., but will probably have the hardest time with cheese and eggs (though I can easily make a breakfast-y scramble with tofu).
      But for the most part, I stick to fruits and vegetables, starches (mostly in the form of rice or oats or sometimes noodles, and my lovely homemade loaves of bread–which I believe are vegan as long as I don’t add any cheese to them), eggs, cheese, tofu, and few other wild cards here and there.
      It’ll be a little tricky cause I’ll be tempted, but I will just have to be better at reading the nutrition facts of things. And I’ll have to be careful about using vegan products–no Burt’s Bees! I’m already in the habit, and getting better lately, largely because of the book If It’s Not Food, Don’t Eat It! : )
      Anyway… Hope that helped? : )

  5. That’s great. You’re ahead of the game. You’re doing great. I really think it’s a good idea for people to go at their own pace and not feel like they have to go cold turkey or rush into it. If they do, they may just back right out and leave it altogether. So you’re going at the pace you want and learning in the meanwhile, and that’s really, really good.

    So cheese and eggs for you… Okay. If you’re eating hard-boiled eggs and blocks of cheese, that might be a little tricky, but otherwise, it’s no big deal. It’s hardest in the beginning but once you get over the hump, it’s all downhill after that. You just have to get the substitutes you love -that will be the ticket. I don’t believe in just getting rid of something without replacing it. If you just get rid of it, you’ll miss it. If you find a replacement, you’ll be hooked. Like that peanut butter soy ice-cream I told you about. 🙂

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