What I really think about this morning.

Fuck fuck fuck!

Just want to lie here all day, and play around on the computer, and listen to Taylor breathing (oh she looks so cute this morning!).

Do not want to get up and clean, but it is almost afternoon and the clock is starting to nag, and so is my rumbling tummy. I guess I’ll make some oatmeal and do some dishes, give the cat her morning inhaler, and try to motivate myself to shove my clothes (which have been flung about everywhere) into a bag or two, or three.

Ugh, housesitting. So lovely until you have to give the house back.


Filed under Belly-aching.

4 responses to “What I really think about this morning.

  1. Geez, how I like sarcasm! Housesitting is just troublesome, yes?

  2. It definitely can be. And even though I’ve done it for years, still so stressful and nervewracking sometimes!
    But still totally worth it. :]

  3. I’m glad you’ve seen the upside to what you do. Most things are stressful – even doing nothing is stressful because you spend time thinking about how bored you are and what you could be doing. You’re getting paid so I know it must be worth it. Hang in there!

  4. Aww…. I have just done my own housesitting lately. It indeed is stressful, with so many stuffs to be packed and all that, but I also feel some nostalgic moments at the same time ^.^ Funny how I just don’t remember myself of being like that in the past. So… well, maybe it IS worth to do!

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