What I really think about beans in the spaghetti.

Of all dishes to cook and then leave on top of the stove in a pot for me to find in the middle of the night, at the height of my munchies, and eat with a plastic fork (cause all the other ones are dirty)–spaghetti with beans?

Black beans?

I am definitely not opposed to pimping my spaghetti–garlic, cheese, probably not meat (but maybe), other assorted veggies–but beans?

I won’t say it was bad. I didn’t hate it. But the texture… I never would have thought to put the two together…



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3 responses to “What I really think about beans in the spaghetti.

  1. lianamerlo

    I dunno about this spaghetti and beans business. I’d recommend adding some pork faggots to those beans. They make everything better, kind of like the cheddar of the processed meat world.

  2. Hmm…what kind of beans are we talking about? Heinz Baked Beans in tomato sauce or kidney beans? I sure hope it’s kidney beans because that would look more inviting. Though the baked bean option would make your meal moist I can’t put the two together without thinking ‘urgh’. Bon apetit!

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