What I really think about New Year’s resolutions.

Well, I have never really been much for New Year’s resolutions, but I guess it is sort of a nice little stretch of time, 12 months, and so clearly marked, and while I’m still pretty close to the beginning of 2010 I might as well set down some of my goals and intentions in hopes of having a productive year of growth and happiness!


My resolutions this year:

1. Smoke less… Maybe… Or maybe I just won’t spend too much money on it;

2. And, that said, don’t spend as much time/money on circular things (ie: Farmville, ganja, beer, meaningless jobs, and all other forms of things that get me just about nowhere);

3. Lose a little weight (I know, I know, but it’s about health y’all, not appearances, and it’s really more about adopting a healthier lifestyle : D);

4. Tackle the massive list of books I made, mostly to catch up… So very many books on my shelf that still sit so proudly erect! and so sadly untouched.

5. Write the first book in my series of children’s picture books;

6. Get a damn job;

7. Go back to school!

Anyway, I think that’ll probably do. At least for this year, heh. Pretty reasonable shit. Now I just have to get out there and break a leg.


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