What I really think about poppyseed dressing.

I would think that it is delicious, except the weirdly full, nostril-burning scent. It seems like it should be delicious, but I think that it tastes a little bit like Miracle Whip or something.

Maybe it’s got  mayonnaise in it?

The only reprieve is the crunch of the poppyseed, and then the tart taste of the insides of it coming out.

Either way, not very palatable. I was pretty upset to find the miso vinaigrette two days expired and a little weird smelling.

But I’m broke, and I poured the poppyseed shit all over my salad, and I can’t afford to waste it.

Ewww. Ugh.

(Please, stay tuned for more gripping, thrilling, earth-shattering blogs about my completely pointless existence! Today, salad dressings, tomorrow, the meaning of life!)

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One response to “What I really think about poppyseed dressing.

  1. Shazaam! In my old-fashioned traditional thinking … if it’s not ranch, don’t bother. Close-minded? Yes, but I’ll always be happy. Hey! I’m human.

    I’m also the leader of a cult critically thinking that Miracle Whip is far from mayonnaise, especially when it states “Salad Dressing” on the jar.

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