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What I really think about this morning.

Fuck fuck fuck!

Just want to lie here all day, and play around on the computer, and listen to Taylor breathing (oh she looks so cute this morning!).

Do not want to get up and clean, but it is almost afternoon and the clock is starting to nag, and so is my rumbling tummy. I guess I’ll make some oatmeal and do some dishes, give the cat her morning inhaler, and try to motivate myself to shove my clothes (which have been flung about everywhere) into a bag or two, or three.

Ugh, housesitting. So lovely until you have to give the house back.


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What I really think about beans in the spaghetti.

Of all dishes to cook and then leave on top of the stove in a pot for me to find in the middle of the night, at the height of my munchies, and eat with a plastic fork (cause all the other ones are dirty)–spaghetti with beans?

Black beans?

I am definitely not opposed to pimping my spaghetti–garlic, cheese, probably not meat (but maybe), other assorted veggies–but beans?

I won’t say it was bad. I didn’t hate it. But the texture… I never would have thought to put the two together…



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What I really think about graham crackers and frosting.

In case (in the space of time between now and when you were eight) you have forgotten how delicious a graham cracker-frosting sandwich is, remind yourself.

Nearly every time I visit my  mother (who lives only about 25 miles away from me) she inevitably sends me home with some food and/or random item she thinks I may need. A few weeks ago, this meant graham crackers, frosting, and the offer of a rolling pin (but I told her I could spring for my own).

Why? you ask? Because  a few weeks before that, her sixth grade class had made gingerbread projects as a holiday/geometry project, and she consequently had graham crackers and yellow frosting coming out of her ears. I told her I guessed I could be troubled to take them off of her hands, and then giddily skipped home to snack on one of my childhood favorites.

In case you don’t know how this is done, here is the recipe (heh heh heh):


1 package of graham crackers

1 container of cake frosting (I infinitely prefer chocolate)

A knife (optional)

Some weed?


1. You’ll probably want to roast a bowl, or two, or three;

2. Maybe put on some South Park? Or any other adult cartoon. Or children’s cartoon, for that matter;

3. Open the box of graham crackers and the container of frosting (beware–these are both two steps in one, as the graham crackers are in a box and have a plastic wrapper, and the frosting has a plastic, reusable lid and a foil covering that you must peel back–complex shit, I know);

4. Choose a graham cracker, and break it in half (I prefer the two square halves, but you could always break it lengthwise for a looooong rectangular sandwich–fun!);

5. Now, using your knife (or finger) spread some frosting on one of the halves (you can choose, a thin layer or a liberal amount) and top the frosting with the other half of the graham cracker (if you’re really baked and lazy, you can quarter your graham cracker and dip it in the frosting, but I think the sandwich allows the full flavor and effect);

6. Tah-dah! Graham cracker-frosting sandwich!!! Enjoy!

Variations on this recipe include: substituting cookies for graham crackers, substituting ice cream for frosting, adding other candies/sweets into the middle of your sandwich.

Tee hee hee…

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What I really think about the evolution of love.

Funny how something as silly as finding your bath towel hung up (the way you like it) can make you fall all over again.

hanging towel

I know everyone says they miss the fanatical infatuation of a new relationship, but I almost think I prefer the towel hanging on the back of the door.

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What I really think about Richard Brautigan: an interlude.


Any thought that I have right now

isn’t worth a shit because I’m totally

fucked up.

– Richard Brautigan

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What I really think about math homework.

Let me tell you, if I am ever thinking about how much I miss high school, all I have to do is try to solve a couple of math problems, and I’ll remember that only sadists and masochists enjoy high school. I suppose that the thought of P.E. class turns me off almost equally, especially with my lung capacity at what it is. But, regardless, as I sit here trying to compute, I remember what my beef with math is: I have never been able to fully grasp mathematical concepts. I have gripped the edges or beginnings or some parts of it, and have always felt like the answer was right in front of me and I was just missing it, not seeing or remembering something, and that is the most frustrating thing.

I am sitting down in the basement of my house, on the floor on a rug, room dimly lit, tapestries all around, my best friend next to me tinkering on her guitar, playing familiar folk songs, but whistling in place of the lyrics–I’m feeling all kinds of bohemian as I scribble down craziness and jibberish in my notebook (nevermind that it is actually not creative writing, but just me trying feebly to find the answers to simple mathematical problems assigned to my friend, who is going back to school to get her diploma.

But my methods are rusty, to say the least, and even when they were fresh, I was never very good at wrapping my head around any of it. It has been two years, or more, since I have done anything more than simple math, and even then the math was simple, nothing I couldn’t eventually circle my way around to. Maybe it’s the herb that’s working against me, but I think that it was actually (previously) keeping me super-focused and ultra-interested, ha. Really though, I think that there was a lack of interdisciplinary education, because seeing something in terms of something else, a comparison, helps to give perspective, and that helps you understand what mathematics is, and why it is significant, and how it applies to other things (ie: literature, science, nature, everything), something I did not figure out until college. Mathematics was simply memorization for me.

I can respect it, but never grasp it fully, and since I have to hate what I don’t know (right?!) I’d rather be without math, and off with it’s head! But I’d better press on, and try to help out a little more. It’s got to be rattling around up there, somewhere.

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What I really think about wpm.

71 words per minute with only an average of 5.0 mistakes per minute? That’s my all-time record! At least, that I can recall.

Oooh for some reason, there is almost nothing more fun than taking typing tests on this lazy day. Well, not entirely lazy! I did make a delicious scramble for breakfast, and a loaf of cinnamon bread, and I helped Mariah make a piece out of an apple! And then when were done smoking out of it, we ate it! (Actually less exciting than it sounds, the deliciously cold, crispy sweetness of the Gala apple does not mask the smoky, resin flavor well. Yuck).

Anyway, as Casey and I were sitting around being assholes to one another and applying for jobs, we came across a few secretarial positions (is office assistant the P.C. term now?) that required the ability to type at least 45 wpm (words per minute, just in case you weren’t sure). So we’ve been taking typing tests, and, of course, I’ve been winning. Heh, heh. Steadily moving up from 60 wpm to 65 wpm to 66 to 68 and finally! 71 wpm! A glorious triumph!

Oh God, I really do need a job.

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